History Background

Generation after generation since 1940.

Until 2003 Alameddine Alimentary Foods Company was established in 2003 in Tripoli, North Lebanon. We used the Lebanese cedar as our symbol in the company’s logo to symbolize the authenticity, the connection with the roots and the relation connecting our products, especially the traditional ones like the Halawa Tahiniah, to our traditions, customs and rich oriental cuisine.

The main activity of the company is producing Sesame seeds, Halawa Tahiniah and Tehina of all kinds and sizes, in addition to distributing different types of foodstuffs.

The company uses in the production process the traditional means in addition to using modern machines and equipments. We aim to conserve these traditional means to preserve the flavor and the authentic and distinguished taste which gave our products a special position and allowed us to gain the trust of the consumer, a trust that we are eager to maintain and deserve.

The Tehina, Halawa and sesame are basic ingredients in our traditional meals in Tripoli. Sesame is a basic ingredient in the KAAK of Tripoli, and thyme is indispensable at breakfast since a long time ago, in addition to the traditional sweets like Simsimiya and Barazek. As for the Tehina, it gives the distinguished flavor to the traditional cuisine in Tripoli like chick-peas with Tehina, Teskieh, Tehina sauce, Shawarma, fish with hot sauce and others.

There is also the well known Halawa Tehiniah which is our companion through childhood and the garnish of our dining tables in Tripoli. It is available in three forms: Plain Halawa, Nuts Halawa (mixed with pistachio) and String Halawa (Shoushieh).